Field-Ready and Secure
Payment Network.

Humanitarian Fairs Payments

We have built a secure, fast and scalable payment network for growing economies.

Critical-areas ready

We are ready to work in critical environments, online or offline using our low-power energy-efficiency hardware.

Cryptocurrency based

We use best practices based on blockchain in order to improve efficiency and security.

Advanced Reporting

We provide offers an extensive reporting system working in real-time and able to generate complex statistical reports.

$ 1.8B

of total $ 22B

2016 Humanitarian Cash Transfer Market Data

$ 13.5B

of total $ 27B

2020 Humanitarian Cash Transfer Projected Data



2017 Global Humanitarian Overview



2017 Global Humanitarian Overview

MERKUR.IO provides a secure digital payment platform capable of turning humanitarian voucher fairs into a fraud free, rapid and effective experience to NGOs, merchants and humanitarian assistance right holders (beneficiaries).

Mission is operating in Humanitarian Voucher Fairs with crypto-currencies in order to provide safe and efficient payments. We extend our network to remote and off-line areas where we can deploy the system with solar power and paper QR codes while still reinforcing security and accountability.

Identified needs

Cash based assistance in particular humanitarian voucher fairs have made humanitarian assistance faster and more efficient. wants to push this trend further by making fairs cheaper and secured. On top of the payment network provides an integrated monitoring tool capable of generating beneficiaries purchasing patterns analysis.

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Low-cost devices and open-source protocols allow to works with a competitive fee.


Every transactions are securely stored in the distributed platform.


No double-spending to avoid fraud.


Transactions are immediately verifiable.


Works also without internet connection.


Each transaction is stored and validated in a fully distributed environment.


Every transaction is unique addressable in the system.


Protect the transfer amount with forward currency contract or asset-based strategies.


Real-time tracking & fine grained reporting documents.

TRAINING provides training lessons for merchants & NGO's operators.

For NGOs

Low-transactions fees.
Real-time and in-depth spending report.
Fast users registrations.
User Management with restricted area.
Full Customer Relationship Management.

I urge you to celebrate the extraordinary courage and contributions of refugees past and present.

Kofi Annan, UN Secretary-General

For Merchants

Sell products with a click.
Choose the right price of each goods.
Multi-Currency & Storage management.
Secure beneficiary verification.
Vending Dashboard & Selling review.

The true measure of the justice of a system is the amount of protection it guarantees to the weakest.

Aung San Suu Kyi, Burmese politician, activist and Nobel Peace Prize winner.

For Beneficiaries

Paper wallet system.
Waterproof card.
Authentication mechanism.
Customer Dashboard & Spending review.

Transparent and secure payments.

Merkur Enables NGO’s to deliver all modalities of aid to beneficiaries at the touch of a button using the web-based platform and offline capable mobile apps.

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